Adventures in Diablo 3 world

Diablo 3 may tempora...
A few days ago, the maintenance of diablo 3 auction house is finished. The server which in the cash auction house to sell Diablo 3 Gold has b...
Many diablo 3 player...
Several days before, blizzard for fixing bugs temporarily closed the Diablo 3 Gold auction house. I believe many diablo 3 players should know...
The relationship bet...
Many Diablo 3 Gold players all know that when they kill the monster's level below the character's level, the experience they can get will be ...



Many diablo 3 players want to know the specific areas of the change

Blizzard has adjusted the monster density of diablo 3 the first act and second act. It is easy to see the details of this change from the latest PTR patch update. Many Diablo 3 Gold players want to know the specific areas of the change.

As we can see from the update list, the monster density of several areas in the first act has improved significantly. And the monster density of several areas in the second act also has improved.

At the same time, the monster density in other areas were lower. If you want to know more detailed contents, you can refer to the latest patch list. In addition, you also can Buy Diablo 3 Gold for the latest patch list.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

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