Adventures in Diablo 3 world

Diablo 3 may tempora...
A few days ago, the maintenance of diablo 3 auction house is finished. The server which in the cash auction house to sell Diablo 3 Gold has b...
Many diablo 3 player...
Several days before, blizzard for fixing bugs temporarily closed the Diablo 3 Gold auction house. I believe many diablo 3 players should know...
The relationship bet...
Many Diablo 3 Gold players all know that when they kill the monster's level below the character's level, the experience they can get will be ...


diablo 3 gold news

"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Familiar"

* FamiliarLevel: 27.0Cost: 20 Arcane energySummon a minion to attack your target causing 2 to 4 Arcane damage, this minion is not locked to the target or damage for 60 seconds!* ArchonLevel: 29.0Cost:...more

Post Time:2013-03-29
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Mirror Image"

* Mirror ImageLevel: 15.0Cost: 25 Arcane energySummon Mirage 2 for 15 seconds; with 25% of its own blood. The mirror will display their part of the spell, but you will not cause harm.* Slow TimeLevel:...more

Post Time:2013-03-29
To protect the stability of the diablo 3 economy system

Last year, there are a lot of Cheap Diablo 3 Gold players using the account recovery vulnerability copy items. And in order to fight the phenomenon and protect the stability of the in-game economy sys...more

Post Time:2013-03-29
The host version of diablo 3 has an integration the best PC game experiences

Recently, blizzard has announced the host version of Diablo 3 Gold. After a lot of players trying to play the game, they feel the game is likely to become the best version of diablo 3. There are many ...more

Post Time:2013-03-27
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Diamond Skin"

* Diamond SkinLevel: 9.0Cooling: 25 secondsSkin diamonds for 5 seconds to absorb the damage of the next highest 64 points. Level 12 !Without a life insurance spells consume high cooling time, absorbin...more

Post Time:2013-03-26
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Magic Weapon"

*Magic WeaponLevel: 7.0Consumption: 8 Arcane energyIn the to inject magical energy weapons, physical damage increase by 20 %; Only effective melee weapon, for 60 seconds!For a melee weapon buffs, will...more

Post Time:2013-03-26
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Utility"

○Utility* Frost NovaLevel: EarlyCooling: 12 secondsOutbreak of the snow and ice or frozen all nearby enemies four seconds, also causing 6-11 Cold Damage, (Level 12).Very important to control field spe...more

Post Time:2013-03-25
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Meteor"

* MeteorLevel: 24.0Cost: 60 points Arcane energyFrom the air under the call of a meteorite fall points enemy, causing 43 to 58 Fire damage and leave a lava flame causing 12 to 17 Fire damage per secon...more

Post Time:2013-03-25
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Explosive Blast"

* Explosive BlastLevel: 14Cost: 45.0 Arcane energyEnergy is concentrated around two seconds after the outbreak, 20 ~ 30 physical damage on all enemies of the side, When Level 12;* HydraLevel: 19Arcane...more

Post Time:2013-03-25
"Diablo 3" Beta the stage career Detailed: "witches'Disintegrate"

* DisintegrateLevel: 12.0Consumption: 20.0 Arcane energy consumption per secondForward to the release of a ray of pure energy, resulting in 18 to 23 Arcane damage per second to all enemies on the path...more

Post Time:2013-03-25
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