Adventures in Diablo 3 world

Diablo 3 may tempora...
A few days ago, the maintenance of diablo 3 auction house is finished. The server which in the cash auction house to sell Diablo 3 Gold has b...
Many diablo 3 player...
Several days before, blizzard for fixing bugs temporarily closed the Diablo 3 Gold auction house. I believe many diablo 3 players should know...
The relationship bet...
Many Diablo 3 Gold players all know that when they kill the monster's level below the character's level, the experience they can get will be ...


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"Diablo 3" Beta stage career Detailed: "shamans equipment"

◎ Shaman equipmentThe witches skills almost all of the so-called fixed damage skills, the amount of damage as the level increases gradually grow for weapons for witches. The majority of cases is a lit...more

Post Time:2013-03-20
Diablo 3 Beta the stage career Detailed witches

Beta Occupational the Xiangjie third bomb, the theme of being a shaman! Before you begin to tell you an important message, first described in many of the details about the Demon Hunter, known Blizzard...more

Post Time:2013-03-20
"Diablo 3" global sales of over 12 million copies of the new version of the test

Although many of the previous generation of diehard "Diablo 2" or "Diablo 1" so many good things, but undoubtedly "Diablo 3" is the best one of the series.Activision has ...more

Post Time:2013-03-20
Reduce the drop rate of rare items will cause certain effect to players

Recently, our website has published a post. It mainly about the drop rate of Diablo 3 Items will reduce in the future. Blizzard is also going to improve the quality of them. Because many diablo 3 play...more

Post Time:2013-03-20
PC players you are playing! "Diablo 3" host can play offline

PS4 platform conference recently. Blizzard brings the majority of fans a big surprise, the PC version of "Diablo 3" will be landed in PS4 with PS3 platform, and support for offline play, thi...more

Post Time:2013-03-19
Not auction house ! PS4 version of "Diablo 3" is not supported Bnet games

Do not think that "Diablo 3" the board, everyone can YY. Can not battle network Versus Oh.Blizzard's 'Diablo 3' to bring players the news was mixed. "Diablo 3" as the network play ...more

Post Time:2013-03-19
The Lyndon items of choice

I change when Manzi leveling the Linden began to focus on his itemsMy personal experience is:Weapons:Bow, ice injury2 freeze3 IASThe above three options that you must Linden weapons, bow, crossbow can...more

Post Time:2013-03-19
13 Ideas to Help to make Diablo 3 A far greater Online game

Hello just about all! I'm concerned with regard to Diablo 3. Numerous gamers tend to be giving up, and so i come up with 13 ideas which will help to make the overall game far better. We additionally s...more

Post Time:2013-03-18
The diablo 3 legendary items in the future will be more personalized

Blizzard in the upgrade of Diablo 3 Items system is referred to that they will increase the new legendary items in the future. To this, they also give some examples. About diablo 3 legendary items in ...more

Post Time:2013-03-18
The functions of craftsmen will be continuously strengthened in the future

Some diablo 3 players are very hope to be able to sell and buy some unidentified items. Even though they may be facing the risk of fraud. However, diablo 3 does not plan to allow the Cheap Diablo 3 Go...more

Post Time:2013-03-15
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