Adventures in Diablo 3 world

Diablo 3 may tempora...
A few days ago, the maintenance of diablo 3 auction house is finished. The server which in the cash auction house to sell Diablo 3 Gold has b...
Many diablo 3 player...
Several days before, blizzard for fixing bugs temporarily closed the Diablo 3 Gold auction house. I believe many diablo 3 players should know...
The relationship bet...
Many Diablo 3 Gold players all know that when they kill the monster's level below the character's level, the experience they can get will be ...


diablo 3 gold news

Diablo 3 will adjust the system of items drop in the future

From a design point of view, the chance of legendary items drop is less than rare Diablo 3 Items. If we can let this scarcity become more valuable. So when the legendary items drop, diablo 3 players s...more

Post Time:2013-03-13
The diablo 3 cooperation mode affects farm efficiency to a certain extent

The Cheap Diablo 3 Gold players who are familiar with the game may know that since diablo 3 launch, blizzard has had a lot of time in order to make some changes to strengthen the cooperation mode. Now...more

Post Time:2013-03-11
Diablo 3 players need to do is to strengthen the legend items

We all know that increases the difficulty level can only be temporary to attract players. But they do not increase the players' pleasure. Once the players' goals are completed, they may still will lea...more

Post Time:2013-03-08
Diablo 3 items is a very deep and sensitive topic

We all know that diablo 3 team is full of incredible passion. They are constantly trying their best to make Diablo 3 Gold better than before. Recently, diablo 3 stylist introduced the change trend of ...more

Post Time:2013-03-06
Blizzard wants diablo 3 players to spend more time in PVE

In the impression of many Diablo 3 Gold players, diablo 3 seems to be constantly fighting with the monsters. This is a so boring process! Recently, there are some diablo 3 players put forward that dia...more

Post Time:2013-03-04
Many diablo 3 players have showed great interest in the new version

Many diablo 3 players have showed great interest in the Diablo 3 Gold new version. Because diablo 3 is coming to PS game platform. However each diablo 3 player has a different opinion about this. Many...more

Post Time:2013-03-01
Many players urgent hope blizzard can add some other formula

We all know that the diablo 3 new version added new forging formula. A lot of diablo 3 players raised their Diablo 3 Items from forging formula. For this reason, many players urgent hope blizzard can ...more

Post Time:2013-02-27
Diablo 3 players can constantly improve themselves in the expert mode

We know that there are two different kinds of modes in diablo 3. Those are the normal mode and the expert mode. For those players who have just joined the game. They often choose the diablo 3 normal m...more

Post Time:2013-02-25
There are some error message in diablo 3

These two days, many Diablo 3 Gold players in the access list for us heroes in the process of met with some error message. At this time, if the other server, the existing role player can normal visit....more

Post Time:2013-02-22
The diablo 3 new patch weakens the influence of the auction house

If diablo 3 players want to go further in the world of the game. They must try theri best to get more powerful Diablo 3 Items. However, where should we get more powerful items? Some diablo 3 players m...more

Post Time:2013-02-19
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